ARM has announced that its next-gen GPU architecture, due in 2022, will almost double the performance compared to this year’s Arm Mali-G710 when it comes to FP32 machine learning performance. Compared to ARM’s previous generation architecture in 2018, the new GPU will be almost five times faster for these workloads.

In his speech at DevSummit, Ian Bratt, Senior Technology Director of the company’s ML business unit, showed a slide showing how fast the machine learning performance of GPU architectures is progressing. The company’s 2022 GPU architecture is expected to be 4.7 times faster than the Mali-G76 for FP32 ML workloads when it comes to performance per core. The GPU core also consists of execution units, texture units, raster units, and other application-specific hardware.

It’s unclear how the FP32 ML performance boost affects gaming performance or overall performance per watt. However, the latest Arm Mali G-710 is known to provide 35% higher ML performance and 20% higher graphics performance in ISO GPU configuration compared to the Mali-G78 solution. However, ML performance is said to be very important for ARM.

ARM has significantly accelerated GPU architecture development in recent years. Previously, a single GPU architecture was used for five years. In the process, a significant improvement was achieved in terms of both performance per core and the number of supported cores. ARM continues to offer a refresh of their architecture every year starting in 2016.

This acceleration led to a very rapid development of abilities and performance. For example, Mali-G710 (based on Valhalla 3 architecture) introduced this year is two or three times more powerful per core than Mali-G76 (Bifrost 3 architecture) announced in 2018 in terms of graphics performance.

As you know, the purchase agreement of NVIDIA and ARM, which has been hit by many obstacles, has not yet taken place. We wonder what NVIDIA will do for ARM GPU architectures if this acquisition is confirmed.

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