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The first application period of the Monster Ambassador Program, announced by at the Monster #WASD event on June 30, continues until July 31.

The Monster Ambassador Program (MAP), which was launched to support content producers with the latest technologies and enable content producers to share their experiences with Monster Notebook products with their followers, is a brand ambassador program created within Monster Notebook.

Within the scope of MAP, Monster Notebook offers content producers the opportunity to experience Monster Notebook devices and equipment, share this experience with their followers, and earn rewards as they experience it.

Anyone who produces content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Linke and Instagram platforms can choose the devices and accessories they need through the MAP system. They can experience Monster Notebook’s high-performance laptops or PUSAT series accessories within the specified date range, and then share these experiences with their followers as they wish.

Content producers who will compete in the leaderboard in the MAP system according to the number of views and interactions will win prizes from the prize pool that will be updated every month. In addition, products that have been experienced for a month can be requested again after they are delivered to the system.

Applications are made free of charge by filling out a short form on the Monster Ambassador Program website. For more information about the Monster Ambassador Program (MAP), whose first application period ends on July 31, visit https://map. monsternotebook. com/

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