Apple’s cable leather that connects to your devices magnetically and provides the possibility to charge in this way. a little bit, MagSafe products have been updated for a long time and continue their lives. Normally connected to the power source via cable, but Without any cable between your iPhone and the last member of this series was seen on Apple’s site.

The outside of the powerbank as seen on the site with silicone material is overlaid. In addition, although Apple has not given all the technical details about MagSafe attached to the phone, we can get some information from the product photos. Here is the new MagSafe model compatible with iPhone 12 models:

with a capacity of 1460 mAh:

New MagSafe; For iPhone 12 series phones via magnet connects and aligns itself with the device thanks to these magnets. In addition, the powerbank, which we see only in white color, can wirelessly connect your iPhone. at 5 W can charge. When you use MagSafe with a cable, this speed is Up to 15 W comes out.

MagSafe has roughly half the battery capacity of an iPhone 12: 1,460 mAh. As you can use MagSafe wirelessly, you can also charge your iPhone 12 phone at the same time by plugging MagSafe into the charger. At this point, Apple A charging adapter using USB Type-C and one end is Type-C and the other end has lightning port. rated at 20 W recommends using the charger aledollarser.

Finally, your iPhone allows you to see the charge status of MagSafe, just like any other Apple accessory.

MagSafe Battery Pack’s price in America:

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack has a very high price tag, especially when we consider its capacity. The device, which is offered for sale abroad for $ 99, is available in our country. 1. With a price tag of 079 Dollars debuted.

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