Having been the CEO of Apple for 10 years, Tim Cook received an impressive bonus from the company. Cook, who managed to increase the share price per lot from $ 13 to $ 147 during the period when he took over Apple, based on the share rises in the past 3 years. $750 million received a premium award. Apple wins Cook’s bonus in exchange for stocksdollars paid. According to the statements made, Apple transferred 5 million lots of shares to Cook.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the bonus given to Tim Cook, Stock and Poor’s 500

It also emerged as a result of the high success in the index. According to the agreement between Tim Cook and Apple, at least two-thirds of the companies included in the index had to be in better condition, and Tim Cook has pushed Apple to this point. comfortabledollaroften was able to carry.

Apple and Tim Cook negotiate a new deal valid until 2026

Although Apple is criticized for some of the products it has released, it is necessary not to ignore what happened during the Tim Cook era. For example, Apple; When Tim Cook was CEO $2 trillion became the first US company to reach valuation. This historical event, which took place in 2020, has a remarkable feature. So much so that Apple reached a valuation of $ 1 billion in 2018. 2 years only led to an additional $1 billion valuation of Apple. Moreover, it is stated that Tim Cook and Apple have started to make a new bargain, and this bargain will set the targets until 2026.

So far, we have talked about what Tim Cook has brought to Apple, but what Apple has brought to Tim Cook is no less. Last year, Cook, through his executive position at Apple, managed to enter the billionaires list. In the statements made at that time, it was stated that Tim Cook’s assets were for $1.4 billion was stated to have reached. Cook’s premium is at a level that can significantly affect his place in the list of the richest.

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