Although Apple is one of the few tech companies that does not require vaccinations for staff, there are rules for unvaccinated employees: Employees will have to take a Covid-19 test every time they want to enter the office.

Bloomberg reports that the daily test will apply to employees who refuse to report their vaccination status to Apple. However, vaccinated personnel are required to do a rapid tesdollarser once a week.

Going into detail, Apple’s unvaccinated corporate employees will need to do daily tesdollarser. Unvaccinated workers at the company’s retail stores will be asked to test twice a week instead of every day they come to work. Vaccinated retail staff, on the other hand, still need to do rapid tesdollarser every week.

The Cupertino giant asks its employees to report their vaccination status by October 24, and they must also report the current situation at a later date. The new process for the Covid-19 test will begin to run on November 1.

Employees will be able to obtain a series of quick tesdollars that they can make at home from Apple offices and retail stores. A single test takes 15 minutes and results are reported to the company via an internal app.

Advocating face-to-face rather than remote work, Apple delayed its planned return to offices in July for a month after rising Covid-19 cases spurred by the Delta variant. In August, they delayed the return requirement until the beginning of 2022. Despite the imminent testing requirement, the company believes staff should work at the office at least three days a week starting in January.

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