Apple Music provides a more comprehensive introduction to classical music. Apple, a service that specializes in streaming classical music and will incorporate the app’s functionality and playlists into Apple Music. Primephonic

that you bought announced. The company underlines that this will provide a “significantly improved classical music experience”. In addition, a standalone Apple Music classic app will also meet users in 2022. Effective immediately, Primephonic will no longer accept new subscribers and the service will be shutting down on September 7.

Apple says Primephonic’s playlists and exclusive audio content will be integrated into Apple Music first. Later, Primephonic’s best features will be added to the platform, including better browsing and searching capabilities by composer and repertoire, detailed displays of classical music metadata, as well as new features and benefits.

Primephonic was launched 3 years ago and its team says this deal is about reaching more viewers. On the company website in a note he shared, “As a purely classical venture, we are unable to reach most of the global classical listeners, especially those who also love many other music genres. That’s why we decided that to achieve our mission, we needed to partner with a leading streaming service that covers all genres and also shares our love for classical music. ”

Primephonic, customers with active subscriptions will receive a proportional refund. It will also send you a code to use six months of free Apple Music.

Meanwhile, Apple Music’s lossless audio feature is available to everyone. that you brought let us remind you.

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