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In this review, AOC’s new keyboard and mouse set, which we recently unpacked, is with us. We already know the AOC very well with its monitors that one of these monitors is the 27-inch screen from the newer models. AOC AG273QX is also on our table now.

The brand, which is well known by gamers as well as by those looking for monitors for the office, recently introduced a keyboard and mouse sedole specially prepared for gamers. We have previously examined the entry-level models GM200 gaming mouse and GK200 gaming keyboard. This time, the family’s median models, 500 series GM500 and GK500 keyboard and mouse set with us. By the way, before starting the review, the family also under the 700 series GM700 and GK700

Let’s also say that it has a keyboard and set. We will also examine them when we receive them.

Now let’s get to our topic.

AOC GK500 Gaming Keyboard Review

This time, let’s start with the keyboard first. The AOC GK500 is a gaming keyboard with mechanical switches and of course observing the RGB structure. Switches on the keyboard OUTEMU Red. If you remember, we have seen that mechanical sensor membrane switches are used in a sub-model. In the GK700, which is a top model that we will review later, OUTEMU Blue switches are featured. In this sense, I have to say that there are keys that should be used in this keyboard, OUTEMU Red switches are very popular in this category. Especially if you are both playing games and writing.

The red switches used are less loud than the blue switches and the feedback feeling is also ideal for the class. The force taken to actuate the keys 47 grams, while working distance 2. 1 mm, if the total trip is 4 mm. As we said, it has been a very balanced switch selection for both the game and the article.

Of keys lifetime 50 million is up to the press, while the material used in the keyboard also makes it sturdy for long use. The keyboard consists of a first-class aluminum alloy upper material, and a magnetic wrist rest at the bottom. Thus, your wrists are comfortable when you spend long periods in front of the keyboard, both while typing and playing games. Of course, you can take it out if you don’t want to.

The cable of the keyboard that you will connect via gold-plated USB 1. 8 meters is ideal with its length. The braiding of the cable also provides an advantage.

AOC GM500 Gaming Mouse Review

Now for the GK500’s stablemate GM500 gaming mouse. AOC GM500 is an ergonomic gaming mouse that fits well with its design. There are 2 shortcut keys in the area under the thumb of the mouse, which is designed for both right and left hand. You will also see 2 keys on the other side. The total number of keys on the mouse is 8. All of these keys AOC G-Tools App

You can program them via .

GM500’s right and left clicks Omron is entrusted to the keys. While these keys are durable up to 50 million presses just like the keyboard, the sensor used is Pixart PWM3325. With this sensor, with a resolution of 5000 DPI 100 IPS and 20G acceleration can provide a serial use with its features.

The GM500, which is very suitable for gamers, is already an ideal product for this category with its price that we will talk about shortly. By the way, let’s say that the total weight of the mouse is 145 grams.

Special Lighting Design for Gamers with Light FX

Like the GM500 gaming mouse, the GK500 gaming keyboard is also RGB has an illuminated structure. The illuminated area in the mouse is surrounded by the scrool key, the AOC logo and the periphery of the mouse, while the keyboard is illuminated so that you can adjust all the keys. In the meantime, we will share his review with you in a short time. AOC AG273QX

The reason why the monitor is also on our table, again RGB lighting to have. The monitor reflects the RGB patterns from the circular area behind it, so it can act as a team with this keyboard and mouse set in terms of lighting. AOC G-Tools in software Light FX

From section, you can adjust the lighting for all 3 products as you wish and synchronize them.


As a result, AOC has achieved very successful products for the middle segment with the GM500 and GK500 models, which are the 500 series gaming keyboard and mouse set. We found it ideal with their comfortable and comfortable structure, the quality of the material used and their performance at the point of use. The prices of the devices are also class-friendly and very open to the competition. The AOC GM500 gaming mouse is now available 229 Dollars prices can be found if the AOC GK500 is 558 Dollars

They can be purchased at a price like . Those who want more can turn to AOC’s 700 series models, which we will share with you when we receive them.

CHIP Online Note: 90%

+ Comfortable and comfortable

RGB lighting options with
+ LightFX
+ Lifetime
+ Switch and sensors used
+ Magnetic wrist rest
+ Reasonable price

AOC GK500 Gaming Keyboard Specifications

  • Switch Type OUTEMU Red
  • RGB Lighting Yes
  • Anti-Ghosting 100%
  • Polling Rate 1000Hz, 1ms
  • Connection Wired, USB 2.0
  • Cable Length 1.8 m.
  • Boyudollarsar 433 x 192 x 37 mm
  • Weight 1050 gr.

AOC GM500 Gaming Mouse Specifications

  • Sensor Pixart PWM3325
  • Sensor Type Optical
  • DPI 5000 Real DPI
  • IPS 100 IPS
  • Acceleration 20G
  • Polling Rate 1000 Hz, 1ms
  • RGB Lighting Yes
  • Number of Keys 8 pcs
  • Key Life
  • Connection Wired, USB 2.0
  • Cable Length 1.8 m.
  • Boyudollarsar 127 x 74 x 40 mm
  • Weight 145 gr.

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