AOC CU34G3S model is designed for users who want a very large gaming and working area. It’s not uncommon for gamers, especially those who love flying and racing games, to take multiple monitors from the same monitor and stack them side by side to create their own series of virtual cockpidollars.

It is quite possible that a monitor with a very wide screen and a deep curve, such as the AOC CU34G3S, can handle this job on its own. Of course, it is possible to put more than one of these monitors side by side. But even one alone can offer a very wide field of view.

In this video, we examine the AOC CU34G3S monitor in detail and see how well it can provide the desired performance as a gaming monitor. If you are wondering how this type of screen displays in games, you will find the answer to your question in our video.

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Michael Lewis


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