As you knowElon Musk has been making investors happy and saddened by tweeting that has affected the course of cryptocurrencies since the beginning of this year. Musk, who was a staunch supporter of Bitcoin at the beginning, has been around for the past month. follows the opposite policy. famous billionaire,It cuts its support for Bitcoin due to environmental reasons. says that Bitcoin consumes too much energy. However, with a newly released video, Musk’s followers may lose faith in these statements.

Activist hacker group known for its cyber attacks on Hükümedollarsere and şirkedollarsereAnonymous posted a video today in which he addresses Elon Musk. Anonymous, who accused Musk of listing the not-so-environmental methods Tesla followed, told Musk:another of the spoiled billionaires‘ he said. The group, which made statements with the intention of revealing the reasons for manipulating the crypto money market, blamed Musk for what they did.openly threatened.

Here is Anonymous’ open letter to Musk:

The activist hacker group Anonymous, which has attacked many large organizations, including Devledollarser,SpaceX andTesla’s owner Elon Musk hit the ball. The group is engaged in ideas such as Musk’s electric car and space travel. benefiting from people looking for hope but as much as Tesla mentioned stated that it is not a ‘green’ company. Employed for Tesla cars in Africachild workers

Giving examples such as , Anonymous also reminded some news about how Musk treats his employees in the video.

Stating that everything that Elon Musk has launched as an effort to save the world is due to the superiority and savior complex, the hacker group stated that there are many companies dedicated to producing electric cars or working in the field of space travel; On the other hand, Elon Musk stands out only with his ridiculous social media posts. suggested. Reminding that the majority of Tesla’s revenues are Bitcoin, not car sales, Anonymous accused Musk of vilifying Bitcoin for the benefit of the US government. Claiming that the steps taken by Musk in the name of environmentalism and innovation, by citing many events as an example, were made to generate income, the group accused the famous billionaire of “playing with the income of poor people” due to the manipulative posts he shared.

“You don’t know what boredom is, you’re a spoiled millionaire”

“As you can see in the comments of the posts you shared on Twitter, your games with the cryptocurrency market have ruined millions of lives. Millions of investors have pinned their hopes on cryptocurrency revenues to fix their dreams. This is something you will never understand, as you were born in the stolen land of South Africa, in the middle of racially affirmative emerald mines, and have no clue about the hardships of working people in the world. ”

Continuing his explanations with , Anonymous,“You may think you’re the smartest in the field, but now you’ve found a tick-matched opponent. We are Anonymous. We are an army. Wait for us. ” intimidated Musk with his statements.

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