A Premier League football team will play for Dogecoin next season. Watford FC fans will be cheering “wow” when their team scores. Players from English football team Watford F. C. will wear Dogecoin jerseys in the new Premier League season. Its sponsorship is Stake, a crypto sports betting site. com is doing. Watford is Sportsbet, which previously put Bitcoin on players’ jerseys. It was sponsored by another sports betting site called io. Cryptocoin. com we are looking at the details.

Dogecoin in kits

Players from British football team Watford F.C. will wear Dogecoin on their jerseys this season, according to British sports organization The Athletic. Dogecoin will appear on all three Watford jerseys. Advertisement of meme coin, sportsbook and crypto casino Stake. com will be paid. The Athletic reports that the deal is worth at least £700,000 ($970,500) and will be paid in cryptocurrency. Stake to make some more noise about the partnership. com also plans to spend 10 million DOGE (worth $2 million). So far, Dogecoin has never been featured in high-profile sporting events in the UK. But it’s not unusual for the Shiba Inu to enter sports stadiums.

Fierce supporters of cryptocurrency have sponsored athletes and sporting events several times since 2014, when Dogecoin holders co-opted Reddit to sponsor NASCAR driver Josh Wise and sponsored Jamaica’s Winter Olympics yellow bobsleigh team. stake com deal isn’t Watford’s first crypto sponsorship.

What will the Doge ad bring?

During the 2019-2020 football season, the football team wore Bitcoin jerseys to promote the cryptocurrency. This is Sportsbet, another sports betting site. It was part of the deal with io. Spencer Field, Watford F. C. The spokesperson told Decrypt that there was “a long and ongoing discussion of cryptocurrency” on the Watford F.C. forum at the time. The only proof of this was that Watford fans were selling EOS on a ‘Watford F.C.’ forum.

Today, the forum does not host discussions about Dogecoin. But on July 22, Stake. In a thread created after the announcement of the partnership with com, some fans thought the payment might have been made in Dogecoin. “It’s a gamble for a club with somewhat sensitive finances,” wrote one fan about the club’s decision to accept the sponsorship payment in crypto shortly after reporting a $35 million loss. The club must be hoping that the Dogecoin sponsorship will benefit them.

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