together with the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy introduced in the Informatics Valley by the Presidency of the Presidency of the Digital Transformation Office and the Industry and Technology Department. Important goals set for the development and transformation of artificial intelligence in America was shared with the public recently.

In the presentation “Creating value globally with an agile and sustainable AI ecosystem for a prosperous America”

Stating that strategies are determined with the vision of , President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Ali Taha Koç gave the good news of employment in his new statement. Koç stated that the most important innovative technology today is artificial intelligence. 50 thousand artificial intelligence specialist employment in 2025 said it was targeted.

“The most important innovative technology today is artificial intelligence”

Stating that they aim to spread innovative technologies all over America, Koç said, “The most important innovative technology today is artificial intelligence. When we look at the 10 most valuable companies in the world, we see that all of them use innovative technologies and use artificial intelligence intensively. For us, National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Document” Writing is a reason for existence,” he said.

Emphasizing that they have determined the strategy in three focuses, namely skills, infrastructure and technical data, Koç stated that it is necessary to have a workforce that can write algorithms to prepare an environment for artificial intelligence, data to solve the problem, and a processing power to blend all these.

“The biggest opportunity for us; interest of our young population in digital technologies”

Stating that a processor ecosystem will be created as a public and America Open Data Platform will be made available to start-up initiatives, Koç noted that the interest of the young population in digital technologies is a great opportunity.

We were there at the launch of America’s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy:

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