The widespread use of smart phones, computers and internet, software industry made it important. As a natural consequence of this, people increasingly prefer departments such as software engineering. TalentGrid, a formation founded by American software developers, is on the other hand. with the participation of 533 software developers is an important research performed. This research helps software developers when they get a job. what they care about reveals.

TalentGrid, with the participation of software developers themselves, highlights 3 questions about the industry. ” How much is the position you are looking for with the positions that recruiters are looking for? overlapping?“, “From recruiter your primary expectation

What is ?” and ” After interview feedback how important is it to receive?“, these questions will provide a clearer understanding of the criteria that software developers take into account when hiring.

Here is the research carried out with the participation of the software developers themselves.

Question 1. How does your expectation match the positions that recruiters are looking for?

The first question TalentGrid asks developers is exactly what’s between employers and developers considering getting a job. no agreement could be reached reveals. How much does the position you are looking for match the positions that recruiters are looking for? According to TalentGrid, which asks them to rate the question in the range of 0 to 10, software developers and employers; on issues such as salary, remote work, location and company 6.3 ratio can get along. TalentGrid this situation, average.

Question 2. What is your primary expectation from the recruiter?

The answers given to the second question asked within the scope of the survey, what is your primary expectation from the recruiter, are the answers of most of the software developers. cares about position and information reveals. 39 percent of the respondents want the recruiter not to have a position and lack of knowledge about him. Participants 35.5 percent said that they wanted to be able to express themselves comfortably, while 25.3 percent of them said that the recruiter’s friendly and states that it should be high-energy.

Question 3. How important is it to you to get feedback after meeting with the recruiter?

According to TalentGrid’s research, the software industry is like any other industry. cares about feedback. 73.4 percent of the respondents think it is very important to get feedback from the recruiter, while 22.3 percent think it is important to this question, 2.8 percent would not take it, 1.5 percent it doesn’t matter has already given the answers.

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