Forest fires in many parts of America about 15 days ago, especially Heavy balance sheets in the Mediterranean region left. After the forests were completely turned into ashes, reforestation efforts came to the fore, and Agriculture and Forestry, will sprinkle some water in people’s hearts made new statements.

T. C Agriculture and Forestry Department stated that it organized a campaign called Breathe for the Future in order to reforest the burned places with a statement on Twitter, 3 for each citizen, 252 million saplings in total announced that they will sew before the end of this year.

In addition to red pine trees, fire-resistant trees will be planted in the burned areas.

As a matter of fact, there are many differences of opinion about responding to fire-damaged areas. For example, in Hacettepe University, Department of Ecology, Prof. Dr. Cagatay Tavsanoglu, Mediterranean forests have been inundated with fire for millions of years, states that plants evolve over time according to fire and states that burning forests will recover in a short time without intervention.

Although burning plants will recover in a short time, 169 articles in its Constitution, in order to prevent activities in place of burning forests makes it compulsory to plant saplings. For this reason, reforestation works will begin in all forests damaged in the Mediterranean.

Making an announcement on Twitter, Agriculture and Forestry announced that they will plant a total of 252 million saplings within the scope of the campaign called Breathe to the Future before the end of this year. as well as red pine trees 40-50 meters in length, so that the dollar can arrive in a shorter time than usual stated that they will carry out studies and that 30% of the afforestation to be made in the new areas will consist of fire-resistant tree seeds such as aylantus and carob.

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