Afghanistan has been on the world agenda for a while. Images of people trying to escape the country and reach a better life shook social media. United Milledollarser also draws attention to the actions taken or not done by important organizations. Apart from these, statements made by famous names are also attracting the internet world from side to side.

One of these explanations is the world-famous actor and filmmaker. From Angelina Jolie arrived. Not only does it make a statement, but for the situation in question which he normally doesn’t use Jolie, who opened an account on Instagram, a platform, shared a letter written by a little Afghan girl.

“An incomprehensible failure”


United Milledollarser High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), also known as a philanthropist for being a goodwill ambassador, Jolie shared a letter sent to her by an Afghan girl in her first post on her Instagram account. In the description of the post, it was stated that the September 11 incident was on the border of Afghanistan 2 weeks ago and there that he met with those fleeing the Taliban, Jolie stated that the current situation nauseous it said.

In the continuation of the statement some of the most promising people in the world Afghan refugees are seen as a burden. Jolie, who says it is nauseating, has already divided the social media into two, although she supports this by saying that they do not have the necessary resources and aledollarserine.

Finally, Jolie describes the arrival of all the money and time spent, lives lost and blood spilled here as an incomprehensible success. Angelina Jolie also broke a record by opening an Instagram account. His account became the fastest to reach 1 million followers.

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