Samsung Electronics has announced that the new One UI 4 interface and Android 12 update will be available for Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note10/Note20 and Galaxy Z Series starting with Galaxy S21 Series. The interface offers an improved mobile experience that will put you in control with new features such as new personalization options, privacy features, and access to Samsung’s ever-expanding ecosystem.

One UI 4 allows you to create a personalized mobile experience to meet your unique needs and reflect your individuality. Thanks to the new Color Paledollar series with many color options, you will be able to make the look and feel of everything different, from the main screen to the icons, from the menu to the keys and the background. It’s now easier than ever to put your own signature on your smartphone experience, with widgets redesigned to offer a further personalization experience. You will now be able to express yourself even more easily by accessing the enriched range of emoji, GIFs and stickers directly from your keyboard.

Protect what matters most to you

With the One UI 4 interface, which offers Samsung’s latest privacy and security features, you will be able to determine everything you want to stay private or share. It is now very easy to monitor and control privacy settings, thanks to the privacy panel that can gather all security settings and controls in one and the most convenient point, while notifications are made with instant notifications when applications try to access your camera or microphone.

Possibility to connect to an extensive ecosystem

Helping you get the most out of Samsung’s extensive ecosystem of wearable smart devices and physical and digital health applications, the new interface opens the door to a much more powerful mobile experience. Samsung’s collaborations with leading partners like Google ensure you have a seamless experience using your favorite third-party apps and services. And whether you’re using the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Watch, or Galaxy Tab, all your devices have a single, harmonious look and seamless synchronization between devices.


The One UI 4 interface and Android 12 update, which can be used on Galaxy S21 Series devices in the first place as of November, will soon be available on Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A Series, cadollarsable devices and tabledollarser. In addition to this update, users will have access to new health features and dial options with the new software update for the Galaxy Watch series, which will be available for download starting today.

  • Camera: You can enjoy a simpler layout when taking photos and videos. The scene optimizer key is only displayed in Photo mode when there is low light or if you are scanning a document. Portrait and Night mode settings are now more intuitive.
  • The video that never misses a moment: The recording process starts immediately when you touch the Record key, not when you release it. You can hold down the Shutter key to start recording a quick video in Photo mode, then drag your finger to the Lock icon to continue recording without holding the Shutter down.
  • Pro photography: You can keep control with the redesigned Pro and Pro video mode settings. A cleaner look helps you focus on the shot, and new level indicators added to the matrix lines help stabilize shots.
  • Advanced scanning: After scanning the documents, you can touch the magnifying glass to zoom in and edit them immediately. Also, after scanning QR codes, you can do things like call or send an e-mail to a person instead of just adding their contact information to your phone.
  • Pasting from one photo to another: You can experiment by mixing and matching faces, pets, buildings and different objects. You can cut any object from one photo and paste it into a different photo.
  • Portraits for pets: You can take beautiful photos of your furry friends with the variety of portrait effectdollar series. Portrait mode is now ready to work with cats and dogs on both the front and rear cameras.
  • Gallery: Whether you have thousands of photos and videos or just a few precious moments, the Gallery app makes it easy to find what you need and keep your collection organized.
  • Advanced stories: You can see that your stories come to life with automatically generated highlights. To watch, simply tap the preview at the top of each story. In the new Map view, you can also explore where photos in your stories were taken.
  • More control over information: You can change or remove the date, time and location of your photos to correct them or keep them private. You can also select several photos and edit the photo information at once.
  • Photo and video editor: Sometimes your photos and videos need a few tweaks. One UI’s Photo and Video editors make sure your photos look their best before sharing them.
  • Video collages: You can make animated collages containing photos, videos or a combination of both.
  • Lighting control: New Light balance feature helps you bring out all the details to make the photo look great.
  • AR Emojis: You can use your own personal emojis to spice up your messages and make funny videos. You can create a digital version of your ken or try a different look.
  • Color palette: You can customize your phone with unique colors according to your wallpaper. Your color choices are applied to menus, keys, backgrounds, and apps on your phone.
  • Privacy: One UI 4 offers strong privacy protection to keep your personal information safe.
  • Camera and microphone indicators: A green dot appears in the upper right corner of the screen while any application is using the camera or microphone. You can use the quick panel to temporarily prevent all applications from using the camera or microphone.
  • Approximate location: You can keep your exact location private. You can set apps that don’t need to know exactly where you are to only access your public area.
  • Clipboard protection: You can keep your passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information safe. You can choose to receive an alert each time an app accesses content copied to the clipboard in another app.
  • New widget design: Widgets have been redesigned to look better than ever, with easy-to-see information and a more consistent style.
  • Easier widget selection: You can now quickly navigate through the list of widgets to view what is available in each app. You can also get suggestions for widgets that will be useful for you to try.
  • Search from the home screen: New search widget helps you find what you are looking for directly from the Home screen
  • Easier sharing: New layout and better navigation make sharing a breeze. While sharing, you can swipe left or right to scroll through apps and contacts.
  • Audio recording: You can record a voice memo without unlocking your phone.
  • Calendar and schedule at the same time: You can check your daily schedule and calendar on the lock screen.
  • Check your program on the main screen: A new widget shows your schedule for that day and your calendar for that month.
  • Quick add events: When you need to add something to your calendar urgently, you only need to enter a title.
  • Completely new design: In the Samsung Health app, you can easily see your important data through the four tabs at the bottom of the screen.
  • Better Always On Display: You can now set the Always On Display feature to turn on whenever you receive a notification. You can also customize your Always On Display feature thanks to the new animated tikedollarser.
  • Resizedollarwindow-within-windowable window: You can reduce a scrolling video by pinching your fingers together, and enlarge it by separating your fingers.
  • Charging information at a glance: When you start charging, different visual effects let you know your charging speed more intuitively.
  • Day or night at a glance: Dual clock widget now shows different background colors for each city depending on whether it is day or night.
  • Easier search in My Files: You can find the file you are looking for even if there is a typo or the name does not match exactly. The Recent files area has also been expanded to help you quickly find files you’ve used or bought recently.
  • Advanced Edge panels: You can keep your current application in view while using Edge panels. Blur has also been removed to help you see more at once.
  • More complete desktop experience: More apps can be resized in Samsung DeX. So you can multitask throughout the day. You can also change the touchpad scroll direction in the DeX settings to suit your personal preference.
  • My Page: You can get a summary of your health stats, achievements, personal bests, and progress on the My page tab in the Samsung Health app.

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