Smart Contracter, a widely followed crypto strategist and analyst, says Solana and his 2 altcoin projects are poised to record all-time highs. Also, the analyst is watching 2 altcoins ready to rise. Cryptocoin. com, we have compiled the analyst’s predictions for you…

Smart Contracter: ATHs for SOL are coming!

Known as the “Smart Contracter,” the analyst predicts that smart contract platform Solana is gearing up for another paddling price hike on its way to an all-time high. Smart Contracter makes the following comments on the subject:

LEFT all-time high (ATH) baby let’s go. It’s $300 coming.

Smart Contracter’s prediction is based on analysis that Solana will follow in the footsteps of Binance Coin. Smart Contracter makes the following comments on the subject:

If SOL follows the run BNB has, it could go up to $900.

Smart Contracter: Avalanche is ready to make a big move!

Another altcoin on the analyst’s radar is Ethereum rival Avalanche (AVAX). The analyst says he is ready to make a big move after the altcoin ends its correction phase. Smart Contracter makes the following comments on the subject:

Since it’s been gone long enough and all focus is back to LEFT, this must be a run to ATH. I suspect $100 or $130 from here would be pretty easy.

Smart Contracter: Synthetix Network Token is ready to start an uptrend

Next up is Synthetix Network Token (SNX), an altcoin that powers the trading of synthetic assets. According to Smart Contracter, SNX is about to complete its accumulation phase and is ready to start an uptrend. Smart Contracter makes the following comments on the subject:

I also think that SNX has hit the bottom and will go to ATH from here and clear ABC from the high of March every day. Net 1-2-based/accumulation may need more time to assemble, but decentralized finance (DeFi) should catch an offer in the next few weeks.

Smart Contracter: This altcoin looks set to double its value

The crypto analyst relies on the Elliott Wave theory, a technical analysis approach that predicts future price action by following the crowd psychology that emerges in waves. According to the theory, a bull cycle goes through five different waves. Based on Smart Contracter’s five-wave count, SNX can go as high as $35, representing an upside potential of over 230% from its current price.

As for the analyst’s altcoin projects, Smart Contracter is tracking Curve (CRV), Curve Finance’s management token. According to the crypto analyst, the CRV looks set to double its value against the US dollar, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Smart Contracter makes the following comments on the subject:

There’s a lot of hate for DeFi right now because it underperformed. However, weekly large SFP (oscillation error pattern)/returns occur in BTC and ETH pairs for CRV.

Smart Contracter: Polygon (MATIC) ready to climb

The last altcoin on the analyst’s list is Blockchain scaling solution Polygon (MATIC), which he says is poised to reverse the downtrend and climb as high as $2.50. Smart Contracter makes the following comments on the subject:

Lower timeframes are needed to confirm, but that was probably, most likely, the lowest point.

Here are Smart Contracter’s pinpoint Bitcoin and altcoin predictions

Cryptocoin. com, Smart Contracter has achieved many successful predictions so far. Let’s consider some of them. The famous analyst predicted $3,200 in Bitcoin, the 2020 rally, the great Bitcoin crash of 2020 and more. In addition, the popular analyst correctly predicted a series of shorter-term price movements in the cryptocurrency market over the past few months.

The analyst foreshadowed the altcoin market crash in the past months. Master analyst Smart Contracter, who stated that he expected an altcoin meltdown in the second week of February, was also right in this prediction. In addition, the analyst correctly predicted that in the last days of March, Ethereum would decrease to approximately 1,600 dollars.

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