Analyst Filbfilb says there is nothing that could trigger Bitcoin (BTC) to the downside, except for a “major bad news event” while he expects the market to turn higher. By the way, we should mention that FilbFilb knew the levels of 3,150, 6,500, 10,000 and 3,800 dollars in Bitcoin price. The analyst’s new research says that Bitcoin (BTC) will go to at least $85,000 in the fourth quarter of this year and may exceed $100,000. In the latest market update on Friday, the Crypto Analyst upgraded his medium-term BTC price forecast without apology. Cryptocoin. com, we have compiled the latest BTC shares of crypto analyst FilbFilb for you.

Crypto analyst Filbfilb: Next stop for Bitcoin is $85,000

Despite Bitcoin holding below $50,000 this week, on-chain metrics analisdollar cool, keeping it firmly bullish in BTC price action. Filbfilb, one of these crypto analysts, predicts not only the all-time high rematch, but also a $100,000 level before the year is out:

So with bullish signals in the near-term, we could now be preparing for a big run that takes Bitcoin (BTC) to $85,000 first, before breaking the psychological barrier of $100,000.

“An amazing fourth quarter, gearing up for 2021. ”

According to crypto analyst William Suberg, the price performance of Bitcoin (BTC) has been playing a catch-up game with underlying network-sourced and on-chain data for some time, and as a logical consequence of this process, similar to events in 2020, it will keep the rest of this year up. should characterize a correct squeeze. But this time, William Suberg says that the price of Bitcoin in US dollars should be higher. Analyst Filbfilb estimates:

If the price rises as we expect in the coming weeks, then our first big target is the 1.618 fib retracement level running ahead at $85,900. We don’t think this cycle will be high, but it could offer a resistance point ahead of a potential parabolic run that will take us beyond $100,000.

Bitcoin 1-day candlestick chart /  Source: TragView

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