A closely followed crypto investor is issuing a “final warning” calling for a major altcoin project to potentially paddle, and also reveals what he thinks for Bitcoin over the next two months. Cryptocoin. com we provide the details.

Alert for which altcoin?

The pseudonymous analyst, known by the pseudonym Inmortal, tells his 58,500 Twitter followers that Litecoin (LTC) is ready to “teleport to $200.”

https://twitter. com/inmortalcrypto/status/1423810014532231168

Inmortal says LTC is forming support above a very important EMA (exponential moving average) and may be ready to paddle. Analyst Immortal says:

Final warning, LTC will padlock.

The relationship between BTC and ETH

As for Bitcoin (BTC), the investor is waiting for the world’s largest crypto by market cap to cool off before it starts to soar to $60,000 in September. Immortal says:

I expect something like this.

The popular investor has previously called for Bitcoin to hit all-time highs by November. However, he says the leading smart contract platform is aiming for a “reversal” or capturing of Bitcoin’s market cap by Ethereum (ETH).

This consolidation will end soon. The inversion is knocking on the door.

At the time of writing, ETH/BTC is trading at around 0.068 BTC and was worth $2,954. Inmortal’s forecast is a 61% increase for the pair in less than two months if ETH/BTC hits its target of 0.11 BTC ($4,779).

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