Ever before Cryptocoin. com, analyst Tyler Swope, made statements about the next rising altcoin to be bought amid the market recovery. Top analyst Tyler Swope from popular crypto channel Chico Crypto identifies a potential bright altcoin named Eden (EDEN), which he expects promising growth as it solves one of the biggest problems in Ethereum, MEV (Miner Extractable Value).

Eden Network as altcoin project

Eden (EDEN), formerly known as Archer DAO (ARCH), describes itself as a Blockchain platform for businesses that aims to replace cryptocurrencies with Blockchain-based tokens through smart contracts. According to Swope:

They are the pioneers of the fight against MEV. A few projects have certainly emerged for this fight. But Archer was the first to market products designed to help miners generate more revenue… and they also created the first MEV-protected DEX for investors through ArcherSwap… long before CowSwap and Mistx and all other solutions.

According to Swope, ArcherSwap was originally the choice of Vitalik Buterin, the founder and creator of Ethereum, when he traded millions of dollars by dumping millions of discarded dog coins. Analyst says:

When the founder of Ethereum used your technology to protect yourself… you know there was something good about you… He chose ArcherSwap technology…

The benefits of Eden

Crypto leaders point out that Eden has grown beyond its original vision and could bring more value to the space beyond a few MEV protection products. According to the analyst, they have evolved into a complete ecosystem that provides solutions and benefits for all stakeholders in Ethereum. Eden Network takes a user-centric approach to the MEV issue and includes stronger incentives for all stakeholders supported by the Eden token. Analyst says:

They developed Eden RPC, a revolutionary product for Ethereum Dapps traders and users, improved miner revenues, combated the fees that miners would lose through the EIP1559 upgrade, developed the Eden Relay for packet transactions, and introduced a remarkable new Slot Tenant System. For Eden Mined Blocks, which provides rentable, priority block space for institutions, OTC, DEXs, and other DeFi protocols (a major advance in finding an answer to the MEV solution).

EDEN program

As Ethereum continues to grow in popularity, so does the number of MEV attacks performed on the network. The potential for malevolent MEVs in the network continues to grow, and Eden Network plans to use this growth to its advantage. According to the analyst:

As the MEV increases, the demand for priority block spaces also increases and users will need EDEN tokens to lease priority block space. This provides consistent benefits for EDEN in the long run.

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