Popular crypto channel Altcoin Buzz shares the top 5 early-stage altcoin projects on Cardano (ADA) with its subscribers. we too Cryptocoin. com we have prepared for you.

Decentralized exchange ErgoDEX (ERGO)

ErgoDex is a custody-free, decentralized exchange that allows a fast, effortless and secure transfer of liquidity between the Ergo and Cardano networks.

According to the analyst, the eUTXO model provides ErgoDex with a unique opportunity to have shared liquidity across different types of exchanges, as well as the Ergo and Cardano ecosystems. Also, the analyst says that combining the concepts of AMM and order book exchange gives ErgoDex the opportunity for success that few DEXs have.

OccamFi (OCC and OCX), a DeFi leader in the Cardano ecosystem

Occam. fi is a decentralized finance leader in the Cardano ecosystem, with financial backing from the official Cardano organizations Emurgo and cFund (IOHK). There are currently over 9000 wallets holding OCC, making it one of the most used apps on Cardano, according to analyst Phoebe L.

Occam, who joined the IOG-led Plutus pioneer program, as Altcoin Buzz explained. fi’s dev team found and implemented a new, fully decentralized solution to the concurrency problem that emerged from Cardano’s extended unspent transaction output accounting model. The analyst comments:

The solution uses an in-block slot auction system to process multiple simultaneous transactions, which is essential for a fully functional and high-volume DEX. This solution and OccamX’s other technological innovations are poised to make it the most truly decentralized DEX for Cardano.

CardStarter (CARD) connecting Cardano innovators to the donor community

CardStarter is a decentralized accelerator and clearing platform that connects early-stage Cardano innovators to the donor community.

Also, the CARD token is ranked #1 launchpad by current ROI as CardStarter IDO participation requires users to stake CARDS tokens. This platform is the only way for users to participate in a lottery or guaranteed pools. It also has over 12,293 CARDS token wallets, making it the third largest holder of Cardano Projects.

Innovative platform SingularityNET (AGIX)

SingularityNET is the first decentralized market for AI algorithms secured by Blockchain technology. This innovative platform brings together the leading minds in machine learning and Blockchain to democratize access to AI technology. As of now, SingularityNET is giving up on Ethereum due to its notorious gas and scalability concerns.

Via the SingularityNET marketplace, users can browse, test and purchase a wide variety of AI services using the platform’s native utility token AGI. Also, the market represents an outlet that AI developers can use to publish and sell AI tools and easily track their performance.

SundaeSwap (SUNDAE) that promises to be the Cardano equivalent of Uniswap

SundaeSwap is a decentralized exchange protocol for the Cardano Network, providing native token and ADA exchange for everyone. It promises to be the Cardano equivalent of Uniswap and is one of the first-stage Cardano startups that has garnered a lot of attention.

In May 2021, SundaeSwap announced an Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISO). This allows the ISO for traders to transfer their ADA to a SundaeSwap pool. In return, they will receive some ADA staking rewards and others as project tokens.

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