A crypto YouTube channel Altcoin Daily analisdollarseries stated that Bitcoin and the five altcoins are poised to paddle and set new all-time highs soon. In particular, Analisdollarser pointed to five altcoin projects that are “about to go crazy”, including Internet Computer (ICP), Ripple (XRP), UniLayer (LAYER), Chainlink (LINK), and Flow (FLOW).

Altcoin Daily analisdollarseries says now is the right time for Bitcoin.

Altcoin Daily says it’s now the biggest buying opportunity for Bitcoin, citing the famous gold bug Lawrence Leopard. Leopard, who has declared himself a Bitcoin advocate, says that many in the gold business “do not take the time to understand Bitcoin.” He also described the cryptocurrency as an “incredible innovation” and “the loudest fire alarm in the system right now.” In addition, the “ledger” cannot be changed and is free from manipulation by “consensus” (triple entry accounting), he said. On the other hand, central banks have abused their control over gold, so Bitcoin is still not at an all-time high.

Highlights by Altcoin Daily

As for altcoin projects, Dfinity plans to launch Bitcoin smart contracts at ICP price by the end of the year. The move is part of a larger industry initiative to make Bitcoin available on DeFi and Web 3.0. At the time of writing, ICP, ranked 22nd by market capitalization, was trading at $45.24.

Ripple (XRP) in fourth place

In Altcoin Daily’s list, Ripple ranks fourth. Ripple is still having problems with SEC regulations. Despite the Hararedollarsi lawsuit, optimism remains in the Ripple community after certain developments such as the CBDC settlement implementation. Ripple has also recently expanded into Thailand to assist local banks with transaction processing.

UniLayer is in third place

The third of the altcoin projects is UniLayer, the multi-chain platform that provides a greater decentralized trading experience. The latest big news from the project is the imminent launch of a new metaverse called “Gaia”. On launch day, UniLayer will distribute GAIA tokens to all UniLayer holders.

LINK comes after Ripple and UniLayer

Next is Chainlink (LINK). Recently, the network announced that it has integrated with the decentralized cloud storage aggregator ColdStack. Blockchain oracle’s price feed transfer will now be available to users of the platform, enabling them to absorb the most cost-effective decentralized storage options.

Top of the list is Dapper Labs’ Flow Blockchain

The number one altcoin project on Altcoin Daily’s list was Dapper Labs’ Flow Blockchain. Just this week, the firm closed a $250 million funding round, valuing the company at $7.6 billion. The firm behind NBA Top Shot has also partnered with LaLiga, Spain’s top football league. Second, a football NFT Marketplace will be used to launch, while the round of funding will expand NBA Top Shot operations. FLOW, the 94th largest by market cap, was trading at $16.60 at the time of writing, down 7.7 percent on the day.

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