One of the leading e-commerce platforms in our country was on our agenda with its opening abroad in recent months. In this context, it is known as the world’s technology stock market. NASDAQ, the company had offered its B group shares to the public in the USA. In addition to this, Hepsiburada, which also received appreciation from different domestic companies, has become the target of the law company series in the USA today.

The company is before us with investigations opened against it in the USA. These investigations, opened by 3 different law firms, generally focus on whether the company violates the law. The decline in the share value of Hepsiburada after its public offering in the USA is also the biggest focus of the investigations opened to protect the investor.

$12 share price dropped to $8.97:

Johnson Fishel, Howard G. Smith Law Offices and Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP, the common goal of investigations is to check Hepsiburada for possible violations of federal security laws. These investigations came after the company’s share price decline. Losing investors are supported by the company to build a reputation with the firm.

If we refer to the decrease in question, the share value of Hepsiburada at the time of its public offering was $12. Approximately $3.05 down 25 percent declining company $8.97 levels. If its current value is $9.21.

The company also gave good news from its sales today:

Hepsiburada’s chief executive (CEO) Murat Emirdağ, they achieved a very solid growth last year, the sales made compared to the first 6 months of 2020 58.2 percent growing 10.4 billion Dollars said it reached the level.

Sharing these at the online press conference he attended, Emirdağ said, second quarter increased their platform sales by 38 percent. To 5.9 billion Dollars also said that it reached. Except this AllExpress, AllPay, AllGlobal

Noting that services such as will grow rapidly, Emirdağ said, on NASDAQ stated that they are proud to be the first American company to go public.

Emirdağ has not made a statement about the investigations in question, but it is clear that this series of law companies will not stop without making the investors comfortable. In this context, we will be informing you about the developments that will emerge over time.

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