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Industry sources talking about the used car market, the market is in stagnation but they think that with the approach of winter, people’s demand for cars will increase and this will be reflected in the prices. According to experts, used car prices will be yellow, totaling 2 percent each month until the end of 2021. will increase by 8 percent. This will bring the already difficult dream of buying a car to an even more difficult point.

According to the statements made on the subject, the second-hand automobile sector November 2020-May 2021 experienced the worst periods in its history. According to experts, September will be a turning point for the sector. Because the impossibility of reaching new vehicles due to the shortage of chips will be reflected in the second-hand car market. People are starting to show interest in used cars. second-hand prices will increase yellow.

October can be even harder to buy a used car

Garenta and the second one. com General Manager Emre Ayyıldız in the statements made by; ” A decrease in demand in September compared to summer months increase in question. However, compared to last year, we still observe the demand below the expected level. Due to the uncertainties brought about by the epidemic and the fluctuations in the exchange rate, citizens had to postpone their needs and demands. In the last quarter of the year, we expect the postponed needs to increase the demand for second-hand vehicles. Second new in the first two weeks of September. com data, when we compare it with the first two weeks of August, it is seen that 78 percent of people who visit our site and inspect to buy a vehicle. new user. We think that this is an indicator of potential demand. In the last quarter of the year, suppressed demand will emerge and will make the sector move we predict.“.

autocentre. Net CEO Muhammed Ali Karakaş said: In the period of November 2020-May 2021 is experiencing one of the most stagnant periods in its history. while the second-hand vehicle market is going through the months of June and July 2021; With the tax base regulation in the SCT, it closed the month of August with an average of 10 percent decrease compared to the previous month. However, due to supply and stock problems, the advantageous fiyadollarsar in zero kilometer vehicles could not find a response in the market and lost its effect as of the beginning of September. Thus, consumers started to turn to the second-hand vehicle market again. In this period, in which the predictions that the chip problem will continue until the first quarter of 2022 are shared, that demand will increasewe predict. Returning to the city and moving away from public transport increases the need for automobiles. According to IMM data in New York, public transportation use decreased by 49 percent this year compared to 2019. We are entering a period in which the need for automobiles will increase gradually in October and later with the acceleration of commercial life and the correct operation of the vaccination calendar. While there is sufficient supply in the used car park in line with the needs of individual and commercial use, until the end of September we recommend consumers to buy.” he said.

In the second-hand market, after the SCT table update, there was no decrease in prices as I had foreseen, on the contrary, it was due to the problems of zero vehicle availability. 2 percent increase in prices. With the end of the summer period, demand increased, second-hand sales increased by around 20 percent compared to August. The supply shortage in new vehicle production due to the chip crisis will continue until the end of the year for almost all brands. This will be second hand.” was established by Autofocus Automotive Management Consultancy Founder Uğur Sakarya.

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