Necdet Caliskan from Haberamerican, the United States Statistical Institute ( TUIK) compiled the results of the Household Information Technologies Usage Survey for 2021. The compilation shows that there is an increase in the rate of citizens using the Internet in America, but still a substantial portion of the citizens use services such as e-government or e-commerce. that they didn’t even know reveals.

According to TUIK’s research, America’s internet use is between the ages of 16-74. 82.6 percent

Reached . In other words, a very large part of the 61.7 million citizens in the mentioned age range are actively using the internet. On the other hand, the rate of citizens who have never used the internet is 17.4 percent. The number of citizens between the ages of 16-74 who have not used the internet until today, 10.7 million

around . Meanwhile, the rate of citizens using the internet for the first time in their lives in the past 1 year has increased by 3.6 percent.

Between April 2020 and March 2021, the rate of accessing public services from the internet was 58.9 percent

According to Necdet Çalışkan, who compiles the data published by TÜİK, internet use between April 2020 and March 2021 to benefit from a public service or reach a public institution, 58.9 percent registered as . Interestingly, the rate of citizens aged 16-74 who have not entered e-government even once is 41.1 percent. This rate is 25.3 million people corresponds to On the other hand, 44.3 percent of citizens in the same age group purchase something online, while 34.3 million people, which corresponds to 55.7 percent, have so far. did not buy anything online.

The data of TUIK, the consumers who spend money on the internet which to fields reveals that they spend more. According to this, 30.6 percent of online spending is online. to watch TV series and movies went to platforms that allow it. To transportation, on the other hand, the rate of citizens spending money was 14,4 percent.

The numbers for the compiled data are as follows

  • Number of people aged 16-74:61 million 662 thousand 990
  • Those who have never used the internet:10 million 729 thousand 360
  • Those who have never entered e-government: 25 million 343 thousand 489
  • Those who do not spend any money on the Internet:34 million 346 thousand 285

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