Artificial intelligence, which we can briefly define as computers gaining abilities such as learning, decision-making and meaning-making specific to living things; It is becoming one of the most important areas of the modern age. In our country, some initiatives and activities on artificial intelligence have already been made. Today, the introduction of the first strategy that will guide America’s progress in this area, It took place in Informatics Valley.

The promotional event of America’s first National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, organized by the Presidency of the Presidency of the Digital Transformation Office and the Industry and Technology Department, was announced days ago. The promotion took place today. As part of the promotion, we prepared a comprehensive plan around 6 main priorities. The strategy created the country’s path in the field of artificial intelligence by 2025 covers all the details.

5-year artificial intelligence plan introduced

The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy was introduced this morning at the IT Valley in Gebze, where the ‘Car of America’ project was also introduced. In the presentation of the plan, which predetermines all the steps that America will take regarding artificial intelligence in the next 5 years and presents it to the interested parties, from technologies such as artificial intelligence and hologram was also used.

The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy is shaped around 6 strategic priority items. Included in these 6 priorities 24 goals and 119 measures details were conveyed to the participants by Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank and President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Ali Taha Koç.

Some items of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy:

The 6 main items that determine the main hadollars of the created plan focused mainly on supporting America’s initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence and strengthening international communication in this field. The six strategic priorities were as follows:

  • To train artificial intelligence specialists and to increase employment in the field
  • To support research, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Access to quality data and technical infrastructure
  • Making arrangements to accelerate social harmony
  • Strengthening international cooperation
  • Accelerating structural and workforce transformation

24 goals determined within 6 strategic priorities were discussed in today’s promotion. Some of the items that set more specific targets were as follows:

  • To increase the contribution of artificial intelligence to the gross domestic product to 5%
  • Increasing employment to at least 50 thousand people
  • Employment of at least a thousand people in the field of artificial intelligence in central and local government public institutions and organizations
  • Reaching at least 10 thousand graduates at postgraduate level
  • To support the commercialization of applications developed by the local ecosystem by prioritizing them in public procurement
  • To actively contribute to the regulatory studies and standardization processes of international organizations in the field of reliable and responsible artificial intelligence and cross-border data sharing
  • America is among the top 20 countries in the rankings of the international artificial intelligence indices

Details are coming. . .

You can watch the promotional event held in Bilişim Vadisi live from the link below.

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