America’s car is really hard to buy. In addition to the increase in the dollar rate day by day, especially high SCT rates makes owning a car a dream come true. As such, SCT rates are talked about almost everywhere, from social media to conversations at home.

The excise duty rates, which have become a bitter reality of America, have been increasing in recent days. only we discuss ceased to be an event. The world’s leading Jalopnik, America’s high SCT rate carried the headline. ” 150 Thousand Dollars Porsche, America’s Why 600 Thousand Dollars?“, emphasizing America’s SCT rates.

“America is the world’s most expensive place to buy a car”

Sharing news on automobiles ” Jalopnik” from the editors of the website David Tracy touts America as the world’s most expensive place to buy cars. We already knew this, but the news that made a sound caused the whole world to learn about the situation. Touching on the reasons for this, David Tracy said that the SCT is the cause of the high prices, explained with examples.

In the article she prepared, Tracy mentioned that she came to America and visited an industrial site. Dogus Automotive

He states that they went to the gallery of and was shocked by the fiyadollarsar there. Volkswagen as an example Touareg and Passat

Tracy, pointing to and telling how crazy the fiadollarsars are, Audi A8L and Porsche Cayenne

It also shows . We can often see our colleague’s surprise while reading the article he has prepared.

Tracy talks about a guide published by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA). ” ACEA Tax Guide“, shows automobile taxes in European countries. Later, sharing a table created according to America’s tax laws, the editor explains that VAT is 18 percent for all cars, but this rate is taken into account after SCT. 130 any car worth a thousand pounds 80% SCT, Tracy said, as a result of his calculations, the minimum tax required for a car is the original price of the car. 112.4 percent.

David Tracy’s SCT calculation is not limited to these. Applied to large motor vehicles 220 percent

The editor, who also mentions the SCT of , also makes a separate account for the Porsche Cayenne. The total tax on the car 277.6 percent, according to Tracy, it is already difficult to buy a car from America’s. But having a car with a big engine like the Porsche Cayenne is nothing more than paying a large tax penalty. . .

You can reach our video, which we show by comparing the height of the American automobile price yellow with other countries in the world, right below

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