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Eatron CEO Dr. Umut Genç, mass production electric and autonomous vehicles while saying that they have developed secure artificial intelligence-based smart software products, “We started our first driverless car test drives in America in New York” used the expressions.

Stating that they have realized a series of vehicles and road registration with autonomous driving software, Dr. Young, “We are currently making our registration series with two vehicles. The name of the software we developed for autonomous driving. highway autopilot. As can be understood from the name, we generally carry out registration on highways. We continue to constantly improve our software and its features. Our series of tesdollars naturally continues. “.

New York, an important test level for autonomous vehicles

Stating that New York traffic offers a challenging test field in autonomous driving development studies, Dr. Young, “We are carrying out a significant part of our software development work in New York. New York is also in terms of metropolitan traffic. an important test level. The traffic is heavy and the scenarios you come across are varied. Naturally, we firmly believe that a highway autopilot running successfully in New York will work well in other European cities. “ he said.

Speaking about the leveling of autonomous driving technologies and the level of America’s technology being tested, Dr. Genç continued his words as follows:

“In the first stage, the software we call level 1 controls either the steering wheel or acceleration, that is, the acceleration and the brake. For example, the speed stabilization system following the car in front is level 1. The driver directs the steering wheel, but does not need to press the gas and brake. software both follows the car in front and controls the steering wheel.. At level 2, the responsibility is still the driver, at level 3, the responsibility lies with the vehicle, that is, the company.

In Level 3, you don’t need to constantly look at the road, for example you can play with your phone. However, your ear will be in the vehicle because when you receive the warning signal from the vehicle is a dangerous situation and means it has to get behind the wheel within 10 seconds. At level 4, you can now put on the headset and even watch a movie. In certain areas and semdollars, the vehicle does the whole drive, there is no problem for passengers. Level 5 means fully autonomous driving anywhere, anytime. “

Stating that companies working especially on robot taxi projects are trying to reach level four autonomous driving technology, Dr. Young, “They want to start the robot taxi application in certain city centers. Currently we are level 2+ we did. In our software, the vehicle controls both the steering wheel and the brake and throttle.

It can change lanes fully automatically. For example, when the vehicle in front slows down too much, the left side can change lane when it finds it appropriate and then turn back to the middle lane. Artificial intelligence-based software automatically decides this. As it is Level 2+, this vehicle is still responsible driver is happening “ used the expressions.

Stating that they will soon begin work on level 3 autonomous technology, Dr. Genç ended his statements as follows:

“There is demand in the market. We will see robot taxi applications in certain cities of America and Europe in the next 5 years. In countries such as America where traffic is more difficult, our Level 2 autonomous driving software, which can be robot taxis within 10 years, will be used in mass production vehicles from 2022.

Our level 3 software We predict that it will enter mass production in 2023. Our test work continues both in America and England. Of course, the direction of traffic is different in England. It is important for us to see that our software can work successfully in both right-hand traffic and left-hand traffic. “

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