Our country, which has started to evaluate renewable energy sources, increases its solar energy production capacity a little more every year. America Electricity Transmission Inc. from ( TEİAŞ) reveals that 7.5 percent of electricity production is provided by the Sun alone. The electrical installed capacity of America under current conditions is 98 thousand 263 megawatts has arrived.

According to the data received, not only the Sun, but all renewable energy sources is also becoming more and more common. In this context, America’s share of renewable energy installed power to 14 percent has arrived. In other words, 14 percent of the electricity produced in our country is provided entirely from renewable energy sources.

Konya is the province where the sun is used the most.

According to the data compiled from TEİAŞ, the highest capacity among the kendollarser that produces energy using the sun, Konya

Located at . If it fills Konya, which has a production capacity of 914.9 megawatts, with 390.9 megawatts. , if 376.7 megawattdollars Sanliurfa, 335.9 megawatts Kayseri and 294.6 megawatts though Izmirfollowing. The top five cities are Kahramanmaras, Afyonkarahisar, Manisa, Gaziantep, Mersin, , Denizli, Elazig, Eskisehir and Ispartafollowing.

When we only look at the electricity production obtained from the Sun, it is seen that the installed power reached 7 thousand 325 megawatts. we see. Noting that 699 megawatts of this is provided by licensed power plants, the authorities stated that 6,626 megawatts of from unlicensed power plants they state that it is provided. On the other hand, the number of power plants producing electricity through the sun is increasing day by day. As of the end of July, the number of power plants generating electricity via America’s Solar, has reached 7 thousand 995.

Here is the poster shared about electricity generation from the sun

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