Global warming and climate crisis are now a big part of our agenda with their increasing effects all over the world. With fires burning forests on the one hand, floods and tropical storms on the other, we are now feeling the climate crisis all over the world. The statements of the experts and the published climate crisis reports indicate that the situation is increasing. would get worse reveals.

Finally, in a comprehensive climate crisis report shared at the Inter-Governmental Climate Change Panel within the body of the United Milledollarser, “tropical storms, rain and snowfall will increase in the coming period, drought will be experienced 1.7 times more than today, and fires will be more intense and longer.” information shared. Experts in the report, global greenhouse gas emissions Should be terminated by 2030 highlighted.

The world is far from this target, America is in the high risk zone:

Although various steps have been taken to prevent the climate crisis around the world, it is unfortunately not a realistic target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2030. Although more ‘seemingly strong’ steps have been taken to achieve this goal in developed countries, we know that the issue is not as simple as driving an electric vehicle and getting rid of exhaust gas. From the fashion industry to the food industry, almost anything for human consumption is among the main causes of the climate crisis, and a growing population is making the situation worse.

No matter how we look at it, we are in this situation, which draws a pessimistic view of the future. America’s situation is quite risky. Due to our geographical location, experts state that America is among the countries that will most feel the effects of the ecological destruction caused by the climate crisis.

Stating that an ecological disaster awaits us if the necessary precautions are not taken, Boğaziçi University Physics Department faculty member, climate expert Prof. Dr. Levent Kurnaz, ‘ Although it is stated in all reports that 40 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere originates from China and the United States of America, the most painful balance of ecological destruction is seen in the Mediterranean basin. In the upcoming period, in addition to the fire felakedollar series, drought, frequent agricultural production, water wars

Risks like will inevitably knock on the door.” emphasizes the seriousness of the situation.

Human extinction may be endangered in 2100:

Kurnaz pointed out that this is a problem that concerns not only ‘countries’ but also the human species. “If there is a global consensus and greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced In 2100, even the very existence of the human race may be endangered. In terms of America, in 2030, places that are 40 degrees today will be scorched even more Until 2035, an average temperature increase of 2 degrees in our country, he says, and that the south of the country will grapple with a drought like the one currently observed in Iraq.

Kurnaz states that after the drought, he will go up to the Black Sea and affect the whole country in years, and if this is the case, he says. in the next 50 years states that even in the Black Sea, temperatures above 45 degrees will be seen

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