There was great uncertainty after the radical Islamist organization Taliban took control. Afghanistan

Evacuation processes from continue. In this context, as well as superpower countries such as the USA and the UK, America are also trying to evacuate their citizens living in Afghanistan.

Eilen’s latest information is that America’s from Afghanistan 271 more passengers reveals that he has saved. belonging to the National Defense A400M type

Sending the military cargo plane to Kabul Airport, America first brought a total of 271 passengers, 12 of whom were babies, to Pakistan. The plane, which landed at the airport in Islamabad, carried passengers with the TC-JJU registration of American Airlines. Boeing 777-300 transferred to his plane. THY brought all of these passengers to America in the morning hours.

Quarantine will be applied to all passengers

In the statements made on the subject, it was stated that 271 passengers brought not all American citizens was expressed. There was no explanation as to who the foreign nationals were. However, none of the passengers on the Boeing 777-300 landing at New York Airport are directly not released.

Kidnapped from Taliban rule 271 passengers were tested for coronavirus. While waiting for the test results, American citizens whose passport procedures were completed were sent to their residence addresses. American citizens at their residence addresses, foreign nationals at designated hotels They were quarantined for 10 days.

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