Editing music files is a job that requires real expertise. However For a simple operation like MP3 mergeyou don’t need to be an expert, you just need to have the right programs and know the right methods. because MP3 merge is not complicated most of the time. In a correct method, it will be enough to add them end to end and click a button.

Alright, How to merge MP3? There are free and free programs that you can use for this process, as well as servicedollarser that you can use over the internet without downloading any program. How to merge MP3

We answered the question and talked about the programs and methods you can apply for this process. One of the methods we have described will be useful for you.

MP3 merge methods:

  • Method #1:Merge MP3 with Adobe Audition
  • Method #2:Merge MP3 with Command Prompt
  • Method #3: Combine MP3 with Audio Mix program
  • Method #4: Combine MP3 with Magix Music Maker
  • Method #5:Mp3 merger via Audio Joiner website
  • Method #6: Combine MP3 with Audacity

Method #1: Combine MP3 with Adobe Audition:

Adobe Audition audio recording and editing program developed by Adobe appeals to real professionals and therefore offers a free service. However, if you want to do much more detailed editing, not just merge MP3s, Adobe Audition is exactly the program you’re looking for.

You can learn more about Adobe Audition here. If you are not going to edit on MP3 files all the time, but you still want to use this program taking advantage of the short-term trial version you can perform your transaction. After installing the program, you only need to upload the files side by side and click the merge button.

Method #2: Combine MP3 with Command Prompt:

  • Step #1:Open the Command Prompt screen on your Windows computer.
  • Step #2: C:Usersfolder name

    Type adding the folder name where the files are located.

  • Step #3: /copy /b filename. mp3 + filename. mp3

    Type appending the name of the MP3 files.

  • Step #4:The files you have written will be merged.
  • Step #5:Operation done.

The Command Prompt page of the Windows operating system is truly full of miracles. By following the simple steps above You can combine MP3 files. Just make sure you type the folder name and filename correctly. You will find the merged file output in the first folder you typed.

Method #3: Combine MP3 with Audio Mix program:

Audio Mix is ​​also an audio recording and editing program similar to Adobe Audition, but of course offers a much more limited service and therefore is available for free. However, it is possible to perform many different audio editing operations, especially MP3 merging, through this program.

Here you can get more detailed information about Audio Mix and download the program. After completing the installation process open the files through the program and if you want, after making the necessary arrangements, combine the two MP3 files by clicking a single button. You can also process OGG, WAV, MP4, M4A file formats on the program.

Method #4: Combine MP3 with Magix Music Maker:

Magix Music Maker is mostly developed by Apple. Looks like GarageBand service. Because you can not only record and edit sound through the program, but also create your own music over more than 4 thousand ready-made sounds and loops. So the program offers much more than MP3 merger.

Here you can get more detailed information about the Magix Music Maker program and download the program for free. Free version of the program

Although offers a limited service, you can still perform a simple MP3 merge and use the basic music creation service with peace of mind.

Method #5: Join MP3 via Audio Joiner website:

Here’s what everyone’s been waiting for to programless MP3 merge methodwe have arrived. Audio Joiner allows you to do many different audio editing operations, especially MP3 joining, without downloading any program. Moreover, it is completely free to use.

From here, you can access the Audio Joiner website and get detailed information. you can perform any operation you want. If you frequently make basic edits on audio files, you can install Audio Joiner Google Chrome plug-in to your browser and get things done much faster.

Method #6: Merge MP3 with Audacity:

The programs, whose names we have mentioned in different MP3 joining methods, generally provide a basic service. However Audacity is a little different from these. With this program, which you can use completely free of charge, you can record and edit many sounds, especially MP3 merging, and produce music.

Here you can get more detailed information about Audacity and download the program. Because Audacity has Windows, MacOS and Linux support also on different operating systems can be used with peace of mind. After completing the installation, open the files you want to merge through the program and complete the merge process by performing the desired operation.

How to merge MP3 and we talked about the programs you can use for this process and the different methods you can apply. Even though MP3 merging is a simple process, there is no reason not to create your dream music if you have the right program in hand.

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