Samsung has partnered with Amkor Technology to announce a new 2.5D packagedollarseme solution designed specifically for areas that require high-performance packagedollarseme technology such as High Performance Computing (HPC), artificial intelligence, data center: Hybrid-Substrate Cube (H- Cube).

2. 5D packedollarseme allows high-bandwidth memory (HBM) or logic chips to be placed on top of a silicon medium in a small form factor. Samsung’s H-Cube technology comes with a High-Density Interconnect (HDI) substrate to apply to large-sizedollaryellow 2.5D packedollarsemes, as well as a hybrid substrate integrated with a fine-gap substrate capable of fine-impact connectivity.

The complexity in developing large-area substrate increases significantly when more than 6 HBMs are included, resulting in reduced productivity. Samsung, on the other hand, has developed a solution to this problem by applying a superimposed hybrid substrate structure under an easy-to-apply high-end thin-gap substrate on large-area HDI substrates. Samsung also applies its proprietary signal/power integrity analysis technology for this technology, while reducing signal degradation or loss when multiple HBM or logic chips are stacked to increase the reliability of the H-Cube solution.

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Michael Lewis


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