A very important claim came from the US broadcaster Fox News. According to the allegation based on different sources, the US State Department cyber attack was carried out. It was stated that the cyber command unit of the Defense Department also reported a possible violation.

Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich told a State Department official to him: takes its responsibility to protect its information seriously and takes continuous steps to ensure it. For security reasons, we are not currently in a position to discuss the nature or extent of any alleged cybersecurity incident”.

It is said that there is no different federal agency affected by the attack:

The most up-to-date news following the cyber attack allegations is the attack. targeting only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that there was an attack and no separate federal agency was affected. It is also said that the operations carried out by the Ilik were not affected by the attack.

your attack by whom and when it was performed not yet known. However, information from sources indicates that the attack may have taken place a few weeks ago.

One of the topics discussed for the attack was a Senate Homeland Security Committee report published in the past weeks. lowest rating ‘D’. The report included information that four of the five criteria evaluated were ‘ineffective’ and many sensitive information belonging to was stated to be at risk.

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Michael Lewis


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