As the calendars show 2003, a team gathered at the National Academic Network and Information Center, namely ULAKBİM, which is affiliated to the Scientific and Technological Research Council of America, that is, TUBITAK. The aim of this team, consisting of the best engineers of the period, was to develop our first domestic and national operating system. They succeeded. We created our first Linux-based operating system called Pardus. first version was published in 2005.

As we reported Pardus The operating system was quickly tried to be spread in government institutions and encouraged. But when we come to 2011 The main staff that created the Pardus operating system was liquidated and the operating system had to continue its life as a Linux distribution only. The answer to the question of why this is so is not known exactly, but let’s get to know this system a little closer.

What is Pardus?

Pardus,, which was started to be developed by a team formed within TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM in 2013 and first version published in 2005 It is our first domestic operating system based on Linux. Pardus was developed as a Windows alternative for all its citizens, especially government institutions.

It is unknown why it happened in 2011, but the first version of the Pardus operating system, namely the engineer team that created the main structure was liquidated. After the departure of the engineering team of about 35 people, the support for Pardus was largely withdrawn. Today, Pardus continues its life as a Linux distribution based on Debian.

What are the Pardus features?

  • It is open to everyone and completely free.
  • It increases computer performance and provides a fast usage.
  • It is much safer than its alternatives.
  • Even a first-time computer user can easily decode the system and start using it.
  • In addition to being quick and easy to install, it can even work without installation.
  • It has many different software and program packages that are included and come free of charge.
  • Each user can customize it easily.
  • It is completely transparent due to its open source code.
  • It has support for many different languages, especially American.

When we look at the features offered by the Pardus operating system, we do not encounter many operating systems today. seems to be attractive features. In addition to the fact that safe and fast use is offered free of charge, it is a great advantage that the program packagedollarseries, which we buy today by paying a ton of money, is offered free of charge.

How to use Pardus?

  • Step #1:Download the Pardus installation file to your computer from here.
  • Step #2:Create an installation media via DVD or USB memory by running the file.
  • Step #3: You can try Pardus from the installation media or install it on your computer.
  • Step #4:You can find the installation details in the Installation Guide in the file.
  • Step #5:Operation done.

Since Pardus is a Debian-based Linux distribution, you can use it without deleting your existing operating system or It is possible to use it without formatting your computer. After you create an installation media for yourself by following the steps above, it is possible to use the Pardus operating system by connecting this media to different computers.

Pardus is also also acts as a savior.For example, your computer crashed and you think you lost all the files inside. You can open your computer by running the Pardus operating system during startup and access all the files in it. In this respect, it has a feature similar to many Linux-based systems.

Pardus system requirements:

  • For Pardus 19. 5 XFCE;
    • 1024MB+ RAM
    • 8GB+ disk space
    • GPU with at least 800 x 600 resolution support
    • 1.0 GHz+ processor with 64-bit support

To use the latest version of Pardus operating system, Pardus 19. 5 XFCE, you must minimum system requirements like this. You can review other versions of the Pardus operating system via the link I gave above and download the most suitable version for your computer and start using it immediately.

What was the purpose of Pardus?

The fact that the Pardus project started in a state institution such as TÜBİTAK, especially this work is still in the middle. when there is no one who says learn software is truly a revolutionary step to start. The initial aim of the project was not consumer oriented. It was to create an operating system that could be used safely and free of charge in all government institutions, especially schools.

The aim of the Pardus project is to introduce the American people to the software world in 2005 and was to develop our own software system without being dependent on outside.Engineers in the main team are uncomfortable with the fact that Pardus is Debian and even Linux-based today. Because what really wanted to be done was to create a self-contained system.

In this context, the main team has made important studies to improve Pardus for many years. Mistake even after the liquidation of the main team The project still continues to be developed within the body of TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM. However, since the old support is no longer provided, such a system cannot go beyond being a simple Linux distribution.

How can Pardus project continue?

Don’t be misunderstood. The Pardus project is still ongoing and TÜBİTAK engineers are still continues to adapt this operating system to current needs.Pardus 19. 5 XFCE version, which has a very strong infrastructure, can still be downloaded and used as the latest version of the operating system. However, it is not as strong as it used to be.

Being Debian-based makes this operating system needy. Just like search engines that are promoted locally and nationally but use Google infrastructure. Using another base by designing a stylish interface does not make any technology domestic or national. This success we achieved almost 20 years ago why not continue?

Our domestic technology companies are designing great products. Even with foreign partners, we have a series of companies that are extremely successful in software development. It would also be nice if we build a powerful operating system that will be the main source of everything and combine all this technology in a single point. A domestic operating system to be used in domestic technology products is not a dream, just needs some support. Why shouldn’t our first domestic car TOGG work with Pardus?

Our domestic and national operating system that we produced years ago What you need to know about Pardus and we talked about how this project will shape our future. It is possible to shape the present with the power we get from the past. As long as we can give the right opportunities to our people who will do the right job.

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