Office software, which is part of our computers, is now updated almost every year. The Office for Mac version, designed for users who do not want a subscription plan called 365, is published once a year and is sold with an indefinite license option. Today, we’re bringing together details about the new Office 2021 Mac preview release.

Office 2021 Mac Standard (Preview) edition, is a licensed version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Oudollarsook, OneNote, OneDrive, and Teams.

Office 2021 Mac Preview Release – PowerPoint

For devices running Windows, you can view information about the preview version of Office at Office LTSC Preview Overview. So you can experience the full pre-release preview version, which is expected to be released at the end of 2021.

  1. Download the Office 2021 (Preview) installer package file for Mac. Then install it on your device.
    • Install version 16.48 if you are already using the 2019 version of Office.
  2. Then Microsoft_Office_2021_Preview_VL_Serializer to install the 2021 Preview version. Download the file named pkg (13 MB).
  3. To activate Office Mac 2021 versionVL Serializer

    Run the package. After the activation processAbout

    in Preview2021license

    You will see the name . This is the official Microsoft activation tool.

Both the installer and VL Serializer package files are in the standard Apple PKG format. Therefore, you can use the same software distribution or mobile device management (MDM) tools that you normally use for Mac software distribution. For example, Jamf Pro or FileWave.

Office 2021 for Mac will be updated approximately monthly during the preview program. These updates will include security updates and non-security updates as needed, such as updates that provide stability or performance improvements for Office. You can use Microsoft Automatic Update to view, download, and apply these updates.

Office 2021 for Mac (Preview) uses a special activation key that expires on January 17, 2022.

After this date, Office 2021 for Mac (Preview) will go into reduced functionality mode; this means you can only read and print documents in Office apps. You cannot create new documents or edit existing documents using Office 2021 for Mac (Preview).

In Oudollarsook you will be able to read existing mails that have been synchronized to your mailbox. However, you will not be able to connect to the Oudollarsook email server and synchronize any more items.

In general, the way Office for Mac 2021 Preview installs and runs is pretty much the same as 2019. Additionally, there are two things that may be of interest to organizations:

VL Serializer, users will be able to switch to the new version frequently. Accordingly, users who install with Office 2019 installed can see that they have switched to Office 2021 Preview license after opening and closing the application once. On the other hand, JavaScript APIs can be used within Office with Office 2021 Mac Preview. For more information: Office Add-ins JavaScript APIs

The major version of Office 2021 for Mac (Preview) is 16.x, which is the same major version as Office 2019 for Mac. When upgrading from Office 2019 for Mac, having the same major version provides the following benefits:

  1. User settings will remain the same.
  2. Office 2019 Mac compatible plug-ins will probably work fine. Minor tesdollarser may be required.

Office 2021 Mac (Preview) and Office 2019 will share the same version and build numbers for their releases. You can also check: Office for Mac update history list

The final list of features that will be included in the Preview version of Office is not yet available. More information on the features will be announced later this year. But here are a few newly included features:

  • XLOOKUP function: Helps you find items in a table or range in an Excel worksheet.
  • Added amic array support in Excel, including new functions that take advantage of amic arrays.
  • You can save narrated slide files in PowerPoint.

Office 2021 Mac Preview Release – What’s New in PowerPoint

Note that no new features will be added after Office 2021 for Mac is released this year. If you’re constantly looking for new Office features, Microsoft recommends upgrading to a Microsoft 365 (or Office 365) plan that includes Office. Many business and enterprise plans include Microsoft 365 Apps. These plans also offer Office for Mac, which includes the same Office apps as Office 2021 Standard for Mac.

In addition to the license and preview version, in short, do not ignore this part so that you can use the applications with the system requirements.

Mac requirements

Office 2021 Mac Preview release; Supported in the three latest versions of macOS. As new major versions of macOS become generally available, Microsoft will discontinue support for the oldest version and support the latest and the two previous versions of macOS. Three supported versions as of April 2021:

  • macOS Big Sur (11)
  • macOS Catalina (10. 15)
  • macOS Mojave (10. 14)

Product functionality and feature availability may vary on older systems.

Memory and storage

To run Office 2021 on your device, you need at least 4GB of installed memory RAM and 10GB of free hard disk/SSD space.

Make sure it is 64 bit

Office 2021 can only be installed on 64-bit based devices. There is no 32-bit option.

Chipset support

Office 2021 for Mac provides support for both Apple Silicon and Macs with Intel chipsets. If you are not sure if your device is using Intel or Silicon, you can check it here.

Internet connection

After downloading the Office 2021 Mac installer package, no internet connection is required for installation and activation.

Side-by-side installation not supported

If you are already using Office 2019 and want to install the 2021 Preview version, if you do, your 2019 application will be permanently updated to 2021. Therefore, do not name this detail before proceeding.

But if you are not satisfied, you can go back to Office 2019. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Close all Office applications.
  2. /Library/Preferences/com. microsoft office licensingV2. delete the plist.
  3. Run Office 2019 Mac VL Serializer. For detailed information; Overview of the Volume License (VL) Serializer.

Update to published version

If you have decided to buy Office 2021 Mac version, you will be able to get the full version by deleting the preview and reinstalling after the full version is released. Details will be announced when the full version is released.

Getting support and providing feedback

As this is a preview program, Microsoft support is not available. We recommend using it temporarily only to test new features. Preview version in daily workflow not to use would be helpful.

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