The remarkable survival horror game Alien: Isolation is coming to iOS and Android platforms as of December 16th. Having ported the 2014 game to the Nintendo Switch platform, Feral Interactive claims that Creative Assembly’s award-winning sci-fi masterpiece reproduces the stunning AAA visuals, stunning narrative and spooky atmosphere for mobile devices without compromise. Feral has added customizable touchscreen controls to the game, although you can connect an external controller. The game, which will carry a price tag of $ 15, will include all seven DLC packs.

Alien: Isolation takes place 15 years after Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi horror movie Alien. Players assume the role of engineer Amanda Ripley, who tries to figure out the reason for her mother Ellen Ripley’s disappearance.

Creative Assembly did a good job at reflecting the eerie atmosphere of the original movie. You play the game from a first-person perspective, and it makes you feel the dread while escaping a xenomorph.

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Michael Lewis


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