South Korean technology giant Samsung, used in smartphones and tabledollars Exynos announced a new decision regarding processors. According to the statements made by the company, mobile product processors will now be designed by artificial intelligence. With this move, Samsung started the processor design process. accelerated will be. Of course, the use of artificial intelligence will significantly increase the efficiency of the processor.

When manufacturing a processor, semiconductor manufacturers first logical design

They start with . In the next process, the design process of the transistors, which will determine all the capabilities of the processor, begins. Engineers do this process under current conditions. 20 to 30 weeks they can complete. Here is the decision made by Samsung, the processor design process is only 1 month, so it will reduce to 4 weeks.

Samsung, DSO. will use a tool called ai

In the statements made by Samsung, the artificial intelligence tool to which the processor design will be entrusted ” DSO. ai. programmed to learn its own tick. So Samsung, DSO. The more processors he designs using AI, the better the result will be. In addition, the chip design process will gradually decrease.

Although it seems to be the first in the industry to be thrown by Samsung, leaving the processor design to artificial intelligence is an issue that many companies care about. Especially Google and NVIDIA

It is already known that is working on this issue and that they have developed artificial intelligence that can design processors. also Cadence

A company called has also recently developed an artificial intelligence capable of artificial intelligence design. The developments experienced are a clear indication that a great innovation is at the door in the semiconductor industry. . .

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