AGON by AOC has announced that the G2 series has now expanded with new models featuring faster IPS panels. The company is launching four different models with and without height-adjustable legs and USB hubs, all offering a new upgraded 165Hz refresh rate: 24G2SPU, 27G2SPU, 24G2SPAE and 27G2SPAE.

AGON by AOC powers these models and refreshes them with 165 Hz refresh rates. The 24G2SPU and 27G2SPU models, due later this month, will replace the 24G2U and 27G2U. Equipped with ergonomic feet for height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments, these monitors can be optimally positioned for an enhanced gaming experience and also give gamers the option to use several displays in a multi-monitor setup. The 24G2SPU and 27G2SPU, which are fully equipped models in this group, have a built-in 4 portollar USB hub, so gamers can connect their keyboards and mice directly to their monitors, thereby reducing desk noise. In addition, both models are equipped with two 2 W speakers.

The IPS panels used in all models offer Full HD resolution, allowing gamers to achieve high frame rates without straining their GPUs. A 1ms MPRT response time virtually eliminates ghosting, replacing it with sharp, blur-free images. Adaptive-Sync support, on the other hand, uses a variable refresh rate, eliminating stuttering and tearing.

Users with multi-monitor setups can choose the simpler monitors 24G2SPAE and 27G2SPAE from AGON by AOC, without a USB hub and with a simpler stand. can be considered as simple options. Identical to the 24G2SPU and 27G2SPU models in terms of panel but with a reduced feature set, they are perfectly suited for dual/triple monitor setups or for users who already have a monitor arm such as the AD110D0 with AOC’s VESA mounting option.

All four new models are Game Color (for adjusting color saturation), Dial Point (sight indicator layer for accurate aiming), LowBlue Mode for longer gaming sessions at night, and different genres like FPS, RTS, Racing It has game-specific settings such as three game modes and three user-customizable modes. The new, modern OSD software G-Menu makes fine-tuning screen details a breeze.

AOC GAMING 24G2SPU and 27G2SPU models are available at recommended retail prices of $339 and $359 from late March 2022 and April 2022, respectively. AOC GAMING 24G2SPAE and 27G2SPAE models will be available from July 2022 at recommended retail prices of $279 and $299 respectively.

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