Facebook has been around for a long time e-commerce platform also works to serve as. The platform, in its efforts for this purpose, especially Facebook’s main application. WhatsApp and Instagram also introduced e-commerce features. Now, Instagram Stores

The e-commerce function named met with a new feature.

Instagram developers have been testing a feature in the US for the past few months. This feature is available in Instagram Stores. advertising was providing. Having successfully completed its tesdollar series, the team has now made this feature available all over the world. In other words, the Stores section of Instagram will now advertise products. Advertised products are displayed in the boxes in the Stores ” Sponsored“.

This is what Instagram’s new feature looks like

When users tap on advertised products, Instagram will appear in Stores. as in a normal product they will feel. Because, as with all other products, details will be given in sponsored products, and it will be possible to add to the cart or save it. Users can purchase this product directly. In addition, the developer team thought that users would not want to see the advertisements of some products, and they carried out a study in this direction. If you want, you can choose a product displayed as an advertisement. you will be able to hide.

ads in Instagram Stores, based on your data used will be formatted. In other words, it will be determined according to your usage history, not any product advertised in the sponsored product box. This will provide a more personal experience. your feature exclusive to mobile applications only, let’s end this content.

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