Adobe, which produces programs that everyone knows and uses such as Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere, is currently in its field. the largestbrand. Aiming to constantly improve itself and doing its best for this, Adobe has cloud systems. preparing to login.

Famous software manufacturer, recently jointly offering video editing service with cloud system Frame. io. By taking this step, the company has signaled that it will produce web-based systems.

Frame. what is io

Frame. io is a brand founded in 2015 and offers cloud-based video editing services. More than one person at the same time with a web-based software jointly This system, which enables project preparation, is especially useful for video editors working from home during the pandemic period. managed to get your attention.

This success of the brand, of course, managed to attract the attention of Adobe. Famous software giant, Frame. io $1.3 billionbought. Recently, with the rise of cloud-based services, web-based applications and systems have been developed in many areas. Adobe is one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to video editing. I’m in this market”.

Frame. With the acquisition of io, company founder John Traver Joined Adobe.

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