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TV8 owned by got caught in RTÜK’s filter. The Galatasaray-PSV Champions League second qualifying round match, which was broadcast in the past periods, opened a job for TV8. RTÜK fined the private television channel for broadcasting this match.

The reason why the GS-PSV match broadcast on TV8 was caught in the RTÜK filter, they were ads shown in the match. The channel management had made open advertisements of illegal and illegal betting sites operating without America’s license during the match. About the channel, which is on the agenda after the match broadcast on July 28 annotated an RTÜK official, that this attitude cannot be ignored had explained. Now, that’s what was expected.

RTÜK imposed an administrative fine on TV8

What TV8 showed with pilot cameras during the match broadcast ads, was put on the agenda by RTÜK. As a result of the examinations, the board that decided on the issue decided to impose an administrative fine on TV8. However, the amount of this fine is has not been shared with the public.

RTÜK, in its statements on the subject, included the following statements: TV8’e PSV Eindhoven-Galatasaray match many times was given an administrative fine for including advertisements of unlicensed and illegal betting sites.

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