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Popular crypto analisdollarseries shared price predictions for SHIB and 3 altcoins. Analisdollarser expects SHIB to surpass its $0.00004853 ATH. FTM, WOO and MATIC can change all accounts. Here are the details…

Altcoin Sherpa expects another ATH at SHIB price

First analyst Altcoin Sherpa says that the meme coin Shiba Inu has more upside potential and there is a possibility of a rally for three additional altcoins. According to the analyst, Shiba Inu (SHIB) looks ready for a new rally at the ATH level at $0.0005.

SHIB: If I was idle, then I would try to buy SHIB at any bottom. I still think there is a lot of room to move.

At the time of writing, SHIB was trading at $0.000046, up nearly 22% in the last 24 hours.

Analyst’s other altcoin choice: Phantom (FTM)

Another cryptocurrency on Altcoin Sherpa’s radar is the smart contract platform Fantom (FTM). The trader says that Phantom remains in a strong uptrend against Bitcoin (FTM/BTC) as the pair continues to form a bullish market structure:

You’ll probably want to watch the FTM/BTC pair to see when FTM pulls back… I’m still mostly looking forward to it; The trend is strong. Phantom.

As for FTM against the US dollar, the crypto strategist believes Fantom will go higher as long as Bitcoin (BTC) holds its ground.

As long as BTC is good (mostly), the dollar pair will likely continue to rise.

Next is Polygon (MATIC)

The altcoin hunter’s latest pick is Polygon (MATIC), a scaling solution designed to increase the widespread adoption of decentralized applications on the Ethereum Blockchain. The trader says he expects MATIC to take resistance at $1.64 after touching the key area four times in the last four months:

MATIC: I think this is highly likely to break strongly in the dollar pair in the near future. The resistance area has already been touched a lot. Bull sign aredollarseries.

Explains the analyst’s wildcard altcoin project

The bonus altcoin on Altcoin Sherpa’s listing is WOO Network (WOO), a decentralized fintech startup and pool trading platform with built-in deflationary measures aimed at making crypto trading zero-fee transactions. The trader says that the altcoin project is for long-term investment because it can go up to $2.50 and represents over 113% upside potential from its current value of $1.17:

Added some Fibonacci targets for the inevitable ATH of this. I love this altcoin project for long term investment.

Jonathan Morgan shared detailed SHIB analysis

Our second analyst, Jonathan Morgan, says that Shiba Inu price hit the previously determined profit zone at $0.000044 and a triple bottom break could trigger a quick corrective action.

Shiba Inu price has two main trade setups, one long and one short, to start the last trading week of October. The trading pattern with the highest positive expectation rate is on the short side of the market. For this setup, the hypothetical short entry would be a triple bottom break of $0.000034 and a stop loss of $0.000037. Profit target (TP), 161%. The area where the 8 Fibonacci Expansion converges and $0.000026 in the Volume Profile will be the high volume level. The vertical profit target method in the Point and Figure analysis also identifies $0.000026 as a possible retracement level

Additionally, due to the single X above the previous double top, if the Shiba Inu price drops to the entry at $0.000034, it will also confirm the creation of a bearish Point and Figure pattern known as the Bullish Trap.

However, the overall trend remains bullish and the momentum experienced by the Shiba Inu price may continue. A hypothetical entry of $0.000042 ($0.000039 stop loss) occurs on the break of a double top and invalidates the idea of ​​the short described earlier. The vertical profit target method defines the maximum upside potential of $0.000053 from the hypothetical entry.

While waiting for ATH at $0.0005 at the altcoin Sherpa SHIB price, Jonathan Morgan sets ATH of $0.000053 with a stop of $0.000039 from the technical levels determined by the technical charts above.

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