As you know, many applications such as Instagram, Twitter and Slack have been available to users for a long time. possibility to react to messages with emoji was presenting. This feature, which is one of the easiest methods that can be preferred instead of leaving the other party unanswered, has been expected to come to Whatsapp for a long time.

A screenshot shared by the website WABetaInfo, the world’s most popular messaging app is working on this feature. revealed. It is not yet known whether Whatsapp will definitely offer such a feature to users, but it seems inevitable that such a feature will come after the images that have emerged.

How the new feature looks is a mystery for now

When we look at the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, it is an Android device with the beta version of Whatsapp open. “You have received a new reaction. You need to update Whatsapp to view the reactions” we see that you have sent the message.

Apart from the screenshot taken by WABetaInfo, there is no other evidence that can certify that Whatsapp’s new feature is working or what it looks like. to messages emojis sent in responsewe’ll have to wait for Whatsapp to make an official announcement to find out how it looks.

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Michael Lewis


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