Currently, Aave is on the radar of many investors looking for the next cryptocurrency to paddle in altcoins. The altcoin has risen strong over the past seven days, putting it ahead of Bitcoin, Ripple, VeChain and many other popular cryptocurrencies. Now, it is trading at around $384. Why is AAve rising and what is the price prediction?

Cryptocurrencies continue to provide better returns for investors than stocks do. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market, but not all of them flourish. Therefore, in order to understand whether Aave is a good long-term investment, we first need to master the details of the project. Let’s examine the altcoin project together…

What is Aave and how does it work?

Aave is a Blockchain platform for executing smart contracts. It is particularly focused on the DeFi segment, where it facilitates lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies. It supports loan contracts in more than a dozen cryptocurrencies. The official symbol of the crypto loan market is also called Aave. The token was previously called LEND.

How many Aave tokens are there and is the supply limited?

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies with a fixed maximum supply, then the coin is worth a look. There are 12.9 million Aave tokens in circulation and the maximum supply is capped at 16 million coins. This means that Aave is even scarcer than Bitcoin, which has a maximum supply of 21 million coins.

Why is AAve rising lately?

Aave’s recent gains can be attributed to several factors. First, some investors are trying to buy the dip after the recent sell-off in cryptocurrencies over Congress’ crypto tax proposal. Another reason for the spike is optimism about Aave’s prospects. Speaking at a recent industry summit, Stani Kulichov, CEO of Aave, announced expansion plans that are welcomed by investors. For example, the executive said that the project plans to expand the crypto loan market to other networks like Solana.

The administrator also talked about creating a version of Twitter on the Blockchain. Third, Bitwise Asset Management announced that it will invest directly in the Aave token for its new crypto fund. Bitwise Aave Fund will seek to provide professional investors with more opportunities to invest in the DeFi space. The involvement of a deep investor like Bitwise promises to increase demand for Aave.

Is cryptocurrency a good long-term investment?

The price forecast for Aave will help determine whether it will be a good investment. Some investors made good money with Aave. Current fiadollars provide a lifetime return on investment of around 70,000 percent, according to cryptocurrency analystsdollars.

There is no guarantee that Aave will continue to deliver blockbuster returns for investors. However, according to analystsdollars, Aave seems like a risk worth taking due to the growing popularity of DeFi products and Wall Street’s growing interest in crypto. Alongside Bitwise, JPMorgan Chase is expanding its crypto funds offering to private clients. Many other banks and hedge funds are also getting more involved in crypto investments.

What levels can altcoin price see?

The highest price reached by Aave is $ 667. The current price shows crypto trading more than 40 percent below its all-time high. For the Aave token to return to its peak at the end of 2021, it will need to earn 16 percent per month for the remaining time, according to analisdollarser. If it continues at this rate, it could go up to $2,200 by August 2022.

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