As you know, AMD’s Ryzen 5000 (Vermeer) processors are not officially supported on AMD 300 series motherboards. However, some motherboard manufacturers, including ASUS and Gigabyte, have prepared new updates for the A320 motherboards to provide support for Zen 3 chips.

Some users have run Zen 3 on X370 motherboards using boodollarseg software in the past. The biggest problem with modified firmware is that there is no guarantee of full system stability. Official Zen 3 support in the A320 chipset opens the door for motherboard owners to upgrade to AMD’s latest and greatest processors. More importantly, consumers will not have to use unknown and downloaded software from the Internet.

ASUS and Gigabyte were the first to offer BIOS updates for the A320 motherboards. At this point, we expect other brands to do the same, respectively. On the other hand, we do not yet know whether the support is provided by AMD or by the manufacturers.

The AM4 socket has become one of the longest-lasting socedollarser to support multiple generations of AMD processors. A320 motherboards usually come with very limited capacity BIOS chips. Manufacturers will have to sacrifice some things to offer Zen 3 support. For example, ASUS and Gigabyte have removed support for AMD’s 7th Gen A-series and Athlon X4-series (Bristol Ridge) processors.

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Michael Lewis


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