The one who influenced the world pandemicone of the way out vaccination devledollarser continues to work at full speed. Explaining the rate of protection that the vaccine will provide on the one hand, and what can happen if there is no vaccine on the other, the authorities have some questions. with efforts to encourage vaccination is also on the agenda.

Now we are here again with such a development. United States of America’s series Michigan The lottery, which was held in the state, brought many different prizes to many people. Among the awards received by the winners university scholarship and cash exists.

A woman who participated in the lottery became a millionaire:

At least 1 dose is one of the participants in the lottery, which is open to anyone who has had the vaccine. Christine Duval, full from draw 2 million dollars (approximately 16 million 800 Dollars) won. With the task of raising public awareness about the corona virus and vaccines, Save Michigan

The commission named also includes some young people in addition to this monetary award. with university scholarship rewarded.

Duval believes that with this money he can make all his dreams come true. university expenses said he could afford it. Besides, some of the mental health caredollarserini to support will donate also stated.

From whom did the 2 million dollars go to Duval?” you might be wondering. The lottery-style lottery in question is a total of cash and scholarship mixed. 5 million dollars. given to Michigan federal coronavirus aid partially covered the cost of this lottery.

We said that adults were given cash prizes within the scope of the lottery. For young people aged 12-17 From 9 4-year university scholarships of 55 thousand dollars chance to win one was presented. The draw to what the governor of Michigan said didn’t just work for the vaccinated. The Michigan immunization chart, which normally moves down, has seen a steady increase throughout July. Ritual in its first week 28 thousand 770 the number of vaccinations per month in the last week to 41 thousand 150 is out.

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