There is probably no one who doesn’t like wallpapers that are original, funny and have a story. We love looking for wallpapers yellow for both our computer screens and phones so much that ‘ with words like ‘wallpaper’ and ‘wallpaper’ average per month in our country 750 thousand times Google searches are made.

Many smartphone manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung, publish a series of wallpapers suitable for their own lines with their new phones; The designers are designing custom wallpapers, yellow and yellow, according to the themes. The website that we will introduce you to today is on the world map. map of any point you wish allows you to make your wallpaper.

With color options, wherever you want is your wallpaper:

It is a website called Alvar Carto that brought this delightful application to life. Alvar Carto actually edits these maps according to your taste and customizes them with the options you want. print your own posterlet is an enabling brand. In other words, if you wish, you can prepare your map as you wish, select the size, add it to the basket and start waiting for your cargo from Finland. However, as you can imagine, this part of the business goes into e-commerce and of course it is paid dollars.

Our topic is the wallpaper section, which is another service of the site and is completely free. Click here to visit Alvar Carto’s page and make your own you can create your wallpaper and download it in seconds. The steps you need to follow for this process, which you can do from both mobile and desktop, are extremely simple;

  • Search for the location you want to map from the ‘Map location’ section or add some fun and choose the ‘random’ option. At this step, you can continue the process until you get a map with a look you like.
  • Choose one of the four color options in the ‘Map color’ section.
  • Choose the most suitable resolution for your phone among different phone models.
  • In addition, if you wish, you can edit the location of the map on the phone image on the site as you wish.
  • Finally, you can create your map with the ‘Generate’ section at the bottom and then download it.

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