Researchers evaluated 5,800 foods to determine the impact of the foods we consume on human lifespan. In the analyzes made, one serving of food, “how many minutes a person’s life is gained and lost” was calculated. Researchers separated foods by “nutritional risk factors and disease burdens,” and evaluated the effects of those foods on the life cycle.

Thousands of foodstuffs were divided into three groups, green, yellow and red, “according to their combined nutritional and environmental impact”: Processed meat, sugary drinks and breakfast sandwiches in the red group. Eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich saves 33 minutes, while a serving of hazelnuts can save 26 minutes.

Research has revealed that small changes can have a big impact, both in terms of health and environmental impact.

Accordingly, if 10 percent of meat or processed meat is removed from the daily calorie intake and instead fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and some healthy seafood are consumed, the carbon footprint in the diet can be reduced by one third, can add 48 minutes to human life was expressed.

To do this, such as “processed meat, beef, shrimp, lamb and greenhouse-grown vegetables” “the most adverse health and environmental effects” recommended to reduce the consumption of food. As an alternative to these foods, fruit and vegetables grown in the field, In addition to legumes and nuts, it was also stated that the most nutritionally beneficial foods such as “sea products with low environmental impact” can be consumed.

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Michael Lewis


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