Adventure Gold (AGLD), an altcoin designed as a gaming token, gained nearly 60% in value, from $2.66 to $4.19 after Coinbase Pro’s listing announcement. Then he experienced a slight retreat.

Coinbase announces listing of a new altcoin

In a blog post, Coinbase stated that starting Monday, September 20, token holders will be able to start depositing AGLD tokens before trading begins on Tuesday. AGLD following development; The overall cryptocurrency market is among the tokens trading in the green after turning red on Monday. The token has gained over 97 percent in the past seven days and is trading at $4.21 at the time of writing.

ADGL 7-day price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Coinbase noted that trading can be done on the AGLD-USD and AGLD-USDT pairs, and the order books will be launched in three phases: post only, limit only and full trade.

Latest developments in the Adventure Gold ecosystem

The Adventure Gold token has recently gained popularity following the launch of Loot, a new project focused on games and game creation via NFTs. AGLD is designed to enable voting for governance on the Loot platform. The token also has potential use cases for in-game credits.

Cryptocoin. com

As we reported , analyst Elliot Wainman recently drew attention to Loot. Coinbase Pro has become the latest high-profile platform to support the token. Earlier this month Crypto. com announced the listing of AGLD, and the coin registered a price increase of over 700 percent within 24 hours.

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