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Scientists from all over the world conducted an important study on the future of the Earth last week. NASA and ESA, a group of experts who continue to work under NASA’s “ doomsday “In the simulation, they searched for a solution to minimize or completely destroy the damage in the event that an asteroid likely to hit the Earth is detected.

The simulation is logically simple. Scientists are about 56 million kilometers away, likely to hit Earth in six months they detect a meteorite. Scientists extract new information about the size, orbit, and impact probability of the asteroid every day of the study. But at the same time, they are approaching each day for weeks to the day the asteroid is thought to crash.

According to scientists, we do not yet have the technology to stop an asteroid that will crash into Earth.

The hypothetical asteroid under study 2021PDC they named it. Of the asteroid in question was detected on 19 April and will hit Earth with a 5 percent probability on 20 October was calculated. On the second day of the study, scientists came to the date of May 2, and as a result of new calculations, 2021PDC Will definitely hit Europe or North Africa was calculated.

On the 3rd day of the study, the dates were now 30 June, and 2021 PDC’s It is certain that it will hit Eastern Europe was the case. On the 4th day, the information became more accurate and the asteroid was transferred to a region between Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. with a 99 percent chance of hitting was determined. Impact, including west of America, it would create a nuclear bomb effect that would affect all of Eastern and Central Europe.

Scientists sought solutions to prevent or mitigate the impact of the asteroid in question from the moment it became certain that it would hit Earth. Most likely path to asteroid launching a rocket with nuclear padlocks on it and it was hoping that the asteroid would not do great damage by breaking up into pieces.

The problem with this is that the size of the asteroid is not fully understood. In other words, the 2021 PDC could only have a diameter of 35 meters or a diameter of 800 meters. Therefore, a to be discarded nuclear bomb could also tear it apart could also build a small crater on it.

At the end of the study, the scientists detected an asteroid likely to hit Earth in six months by current technologies. did not offer enough opportunities to stop they concluded. Fortunately, scientists have yet to detect a meteorite approaching Earth. However, if something like this happens in the near future, we can say that we are not quite ready for this collision.

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